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3 channel installation

sub-paradise(a), aims directly at “destroying the myth.” While an industry, jobs and a way of life are all at risk; preconceived ideas still exist about island life.  This video reworks material from three sources.  The fabricated notions of the south sea islands delivered from 1940’s news reels, juxtaposed with audio derived from a tourist based economy and new development, then completed with images of the dying sugar cane production in Hawaii.
5min. looped

sub-paradise(b), focuses on the lack of affordable housing for native Hawaiians by juxtaposing images of the natural beauty of the Makena area (an affluent area consisting of individual’s 2nd and 3rd homes) with graphics of aerial maps produced by the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) depicting effects to the coral reef through this development and other causes.
3min. looped

sub-paradise(c) and the ice water gang, is a portrait of Clarence “Ozzie” Ferreira and the “Ice Water Gang.” A 77 year old man of Portuguese decent, Ozzie, who worked for the sugar industry for 45 years sits along side his best friend Peter Kaiama and many others of the neighborhood and “talk story.” The collection of conversations range from topics of a global market to water issues on the island and exposes a beauty within this true community and a mentality towards living within an ever changing world.
13min. looped

edited by Vincent Goudreau
sub-paradise(b), edited by Vincent Goudreau and Javier Martinez
made possible through a grant by, The Arizona Commission on the Arts



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