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Ray Perlman & the Pitra Yadnya
15 min.

With the belief that, in the way a culture or sub culture within a society celebrates death correlates directly with their views on life, Ray Perlman and the Pitra Yadnya explores the death rituals of the Balinese juxtaposed to the practice and business of a Jewish American mortuary. 

Pitra Yadnya is the ritual dedicated to the veneration of ancestors. When members of the community pass away, if the family can not afford to host such an event, they will bury their loved one(s) until the time a wealth family can provide the funding for this ritual.  Including music, food, offerings, etc., this process may take up to one month. At that time the bodies are recovered, cremated and the spirits released.

Ray Perlman, a dear friend for 15 years, offers an insight to his more personal struggles and accomplishments on continuing the family business while touring Sinai Mortuary.

Edited by Vincent Goudreau
Video shot in Abian Jero, Bali by Cathy Silverman
Video shot in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. by Vincent Goudreau


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