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John Grant
20 min

John Grant is the first video portrait of American individuals produced by Vincent Goudreau.  The work examines father/son relationships and the idea of masculinity through the eyes and life stories of John Grant.  A Vietnam veteran and struggling machinist, John lives in a converted school bus in the back yard of his home and rents out his house for supplemental income. 

John speaks of his son, whom he no longer lives with, his own father whom he never knew and conscious or unconsciously tells of a poetic correlation through the classic 1937 film, Captain’s Courageous starring Spencer Tracy, Lionel Barrymore and Mickey Rooney. A heart-felt story, Captain’s Courageous is about a wealthy spoiled child who, while at sea falls into the ocean, only to be saved by a poor Portuguese fisherman who becomes a father figure and teaches the boy about life, death and helps to reveal the love that the boy does receive from his own father.




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